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Life Emulator is the emulator of life in the form of Minecraft! The idea of this server is to get as close as to real life as possible, but unlike real life we want to make every moment fun! This server is custom coded, no public plugins are used other then essentials. The server is geared to let you choose your own path, and make a profit from doing so. The goal is simple, make life fun, in Minecraft. And if you keep reading, you will see that we have done just that.

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On this Minecraft server (Which is still in development) There are a lot of activities you can do on Life Emulator. From jobs to running your own store to building custom cars. There is tons of depth to the server and we would love for you to join us!! here is the IP:

-Minecraft- Life Emulator - Release Trailer

-Minecraft- Life Emulator - Release Trailer

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2018-05-27 14.45.58

The City Hall! Start a business here.

2018-05-27 15.22.22

The Library, this is where you will have your first job to make money, it is a simple job where you put books away

2018-05-27 15.19.54

The White Dragon! A bar made by JustinRide, it is also a job you can gain money from

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